Madeira and Mime


The place is located opposite the Powai lake before the main flyover starts. You will get valet parking and might even see the sister restaurant nearby that is “Mirchi and mime.” There is outside seating as well for people who would like to smoke, as smoking is prohibited inside.

As you enter the restaurant you will get a very chilled out friendly vibe. The music is loud enough to listen to talks on your own table (well you could do the bitching and secret talks here!!.. hehe!!.)


The speciality of this restaurant is that they provide job opportunities to deaf and dumb people.  If you are new here the manager will introduce you to the rules and regulations of the restaurant in their authentic style. They will explain you the menu card in sign language. we were told that there is a specific way of addressing the manager and the person in charge of our table, for us it was a hair flip and holding your right arm respectively. It was actually fun.


The restaurant comes under Budgetary restaurants and Bar. Their food quantity is impressive and makes you satisfied by just looking at it. The menu is small and there is not much to choose from. The best part of the menu is the Japanese noodles ( I really wanted to have that but I was so full that I didn’t have the guts to order more).

The 1st dish that I had was – “CLASSIC NACHOS” ( Salsa, Cheese, Refined Beans ) The nachos were crisp and covered with cheese even though we didn’t intend to add the refined beans and were in a discussion on it because usually I don’t like my nachos with beans, but these were great!! I would highly recommend not to remove the refined beans.
The quantity was massive even for 3 people. you would get Cheese and a tomato dip on the side which can be refilled numerous times! we did it 5 times (lol! without thinking twice, come on cheese is important)

The next on our plate was – “THE FARMHOUSE PIZZA” ( 8inch pizza )
I know you must be thinking why to have pizza here when we have dominoes and other pizza outlets.
I’ll surely give you a legitimate reason for that. Well they don’t sell fluffy bread base which makes your stomach heavy. They have a thin base bread which doesn’t fluff up in the stomach! comparatively, I believe it’s healthy!
I agree the options to choose from is way less. 

That’s not all, the 3rd and the last dish was from the section KOLKATA ROLLS – CHICKEN ROLL – WITH EGG.
We expected it to be just the roll and quantity to be decent as we were full!! but when it came we were taken a back (how will we finish it?) as the roll came with bland french fries and salt to your taste. 

The Dishes 




1. FOOD:- 4/5
2.AMBIENCE:- 3/5
3. SERVICE:- 5/5


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