Punjab Grill


My 1st dish was  Murgh Tikka Punjab Grill – also known as Chicken Tikka the chicken is not that tender as it is tikka but tastes nice.. the proportion of the dish is adequate not that much not that less.

Next on the plate was Bhutayn de kebab– also know as corn kebab pati. I personally believe their speciality is kebabs!!!. NOT KIDDING it’s so freaking well blended and smooth!!. It has a sense of sweet tender feeling to it!!. I am in love with their Kebabs especially veg ones!!. “Vegetarians head here asap!!”.
Which was followed by Harabhara Kebab – the mix is blended superb. The kebab is so soft that the knife seems to be made for it!! Never loved harabhara so much!!!. It literally melts in the mouth!!. though It’s a little spicy!!.This was not all, the last starter was “Kurkuri” – as the name says it is crispy. It has a cheese filling!. It may have not suited my taste. even though the cheese is my favourite ingredient for every dish I eat.
Cranberry cinnamon ice tea – It is fresh and has jelly flavour !!. It soothes the chilly and crisp flavours of the dish!.

Main course:
My 1st main course was “Murgh makhani” also know as “butter chicken”. Come on! butter chicken is everyone’s all time favourite. the creamy flavour and chicken in it. This dish can never go wrong. I loved this. This was my favourite in the main course.

the next on the plate was “Dal Punjab Grill”, well I am not a fan of dal if it’s not Yellow! so I don’t really want to say much on this as my taste buds won’t give the right judgement.

the last dish for the main course was “Paneer lababdar”, As the name says it is delicious, you won’t be able to resist it. you would try your best to finish the whole bowl.

to go with the main course I had Butter naan and Laccha paratha

Yes, that was not all, the dessert was left.
Litchi Ki Teri: I don’t know how to explain this but it did taste great.

Rasmalai: if you are the fan of rasmalai then you should ask them to make this a bit sweeter. it is perfect for people who prefer less sugar in their sweets.

Gulab jambon dark chocolate – I loved this. I would recommend tasting this in the end.

1. FOOD:- 4.5/5
– STARTERS – 5/5
– DESSERT – 2.5
2. AMBIENCE:- 4.5/5
3. SERVICE:- 5/5

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