1. FOOD:- 4.5/5
  2. AMBIENCE:- 4/5
  3. SERVICE:- 3.5

Early morning breakfast plan with my Girlfriend went in haphazard as the breakfast turned into a brunch. The plan was to have breakfast at 10 AM but it turned out to be a 12:10 PM. Yeah! we reached around 11:30 AM but that turned out to be a good thing as the place doesn’t open until 12 PM! We waited patiently in the outdoor seating, as we were not offered to sit inside! The place looks amazing but come-on it’s 11:30 AM in the morning its super hot and waiting outside is not a good option! Yes, I understand that they were cleaning but they could offer a place.

However, when we did get a chance to enter, we were welcomed inside with much love and were attended very nicely.
The interior looks amazing. It’s very well designed with antiques on the walls and beautiful lighting. It has recently opened in Hiranandani Powai and if you are living around there you should definitely give it a visit.

We started our brunch with a dish called “Thakur’s Double Pe Double” omelet. They offer additions with this dish like chicken and bacon which makes it even more fulfilling consisting of three Eggs with bread, coriander, chili, onion, and tomatoes.

The omelet is delicious and moreover visually very appealing. It is very soft, easy to cut through and the sunny side up placed on top oozes down as you cut through it. Though it looks small it is actually quite heavy and fulfilling.

We ordered for a health drink as well called “Minion”. The taste would depend upon your liking but the presentation and color will make you love it without even taking a sip.

Desserts are my favorite, as you might already know by now! It’s the best part about food and thought it was a brunch, we had a dish called “Laila Majnu” – a mixture of Dark Chocolate and White Chocolate, similar to a mousse texture, with the base of Parle G Pesto. One can taste all the sweetness put into making it. It’s super moist and melts right into your mouth. I would suggest you try it out with the caramel garnish they provide with it, it helps balance the sweetness. People keeping a check on their weight or avoiding sweets should definitely avoid this heavenly dish too.

The dish took time to arrive but we were too preoccupied with the interior of the place and were mesmerized with the songs in the background that time passed away pretty fast.

The service started with a bad impression but they made up for it in the end. Their service is nice and they do suggest you good options from their menu and make sure you are having a good time.

Also, I love the fact that they have tried to give all the dishes such funny and peculiar names. It makes reading the menu card more fun and interesting.Even the way they do the dressing and placing of food on the plate looked super cute!

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  1. Another amazing piece!!!
    Missed it by a day

    Only if it would have been a day earlier
    Could’ve made a visit for the food

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