Dishkiyaoon – BKC


  1. FOOD:- 4.5/5
  2. AMBIENCE:- 4/5
  3. SERVICE:- 3/5

I visited this place during the rainy season and I had a pleasant experience. Located on the ground floor of the beautiful Capital Building at BKC providing valet parking with minimal charges. The place lives up to its name for the unique decoration serving good fusion dishes. Having a fusion dish variety is one thing but having an entire menu with fusion twist is being on an entirely different level.

Chicken Tikka Khari, one the most innovative and self-exploratory dish as the name suggests. Khari and chicken tikka must be two totally different things but this place has got this fusion right. Mouthwatering tikka grilled, resting on the crunchy warm Khari base. The melting gravy on top enhances the flavour. This dish is a must try from their menu.

The other appetiser we tried out was Kardi Pao. This dish seems right for the seafood lovers. It is from one of their speciality cuisines that is Goan. Crispy dried small sea prawns fried in goan spicy masala stuffed in garlic flavoured pao.

For mains we had Pad Thai Chicken 65 ( Gluten-Free ) comes in a bowl with noodles on top with the chicken layer below. The Flat Noodles is served with spicy red sauce mixed with Hyderabadi Chicken 65 layered bed below and vegetables infused in it.

Finally the dessert, Croissant Baklava – I was not that happy with the choice of my dessert. I can say for sure there are much better desserts. This is something which can be eaten as appetisers as well if served without the ice-cream. The dessert is homemade croissant Baklava with honey served with Saffron Ice cream.

The service was nice they were paying good attention and were helping us with the dishes and explaining about it as well. The price turned out to be around INR 1600. I would recommend this place to be visited at least once. If you don’t like much crowd then you should visit the place during weekdays to have lunch.


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