The Biggest Festival of all time has come – When bright colourful traditional clothing comes out of your closet and there is cheerfulness in the atmosphere. I’ll make it easier for the people who love Navratri and wouldn’t mind travelling for it.Presenting, my guide to Durga puja nights for amazing food in Mumbai, so that you can join in the madness.

One of the biggest Durga Puja in Mumbai is Organised by the PBWA – Powai Bengali Welfare Association.

The 6 days extravaganza all set to start from 24th, Sunday, September it will go on till 30th September.

The event will start from the inauguration of festive frames and boi para which will be held from 7:30 PM and will be available at all times till 30th September.

The festive frames – A photo gallery that has been designed for the moments captured during different festivities and put up.

Apart from the Photo gallery, there is a competition that has been arranged. To get a clear idea about it you can go through it.

Boi para is also known as a book festival in Kolkata which resembles more like a book street. So all the book lovers rush here to be a part. Don’t miss it.


All set to start on Sunday 24th September with a unique twist to the festival and this cant be missed. The PBWA’s committee members will prepare dishes from home and set up stalls on the event Anandamela in simple words it means Carnival of Happiness. This event cant be missed as it is only for one day. You would not be able to have this anywhere else, the unique dishes prepared by the Bengalis for this day.

The stall will start from 6:30 PM and might get over by 9:00 PM max.  The homemade dishes are limited as made by the Bengali committee, so be on time to get served first.

These timings are only for 24th September. The other days i.e from 25th – 30th September the stall are organised by the professional caterers so the stalls will go on till the crowd is there as they prepare the food there itself. Therefore there is no specific timings for it.

Parking will be an issue so it is suggested to come in time to get a place to park or travel by cab or rick.

Directions to the venue – Powai Durga Puja

Address – Powai Durga Puja (Powai Sarvajanin Durgotsav) – a PBWA Initiative, MCGM Ground, Opp. Jalvayu Vihar,                       Adjacent to BEST Bus Terminus, Hiranandani Gardens, Powai, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400076

You can check out the whole schedule below:

You can check out all the feeds on:-

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