Red Olives


  1. FOOD:- 3.5/5
  2. AMBIENCE:- 4/5
  3. SERVICE:- 2/5

Located in Powai on the street of Hiranandani. The place is known for fine dining and having a bit of every cuisine. In Indian cuisine they have -North, South and even Manglorian; In Oriental – Chinese Thai and Malaysian; continental, Jamaican etc..

They have a bit of everything but it’s sad to say that they don’t master in any particular cuisine. The food is good, no doubt but you won’t find a dish which is out of the box. Though the place will satisfy you with amazing variety and the taste.

I have been to Red Olives twice for Vegetarian and Non-vegetarian Menu.

Vegetarian Menu

I had been here during the Navratri festival, the place was packed. I had made a reservation for 8:00 PM. Got late by 20 mins due to which they cancelled our reservation. Even though we didn’t have to wait for too long to get the right table it was dissatisfying as there were a lot of communication gap among the Staff members which created a fuss for us.

The first dish was Paneer Kandhari Tikka” – Cubes of Cottage Cheese marinated in saffron based masala and stuffed with cashew and chilli paste and then grilled in tandoor. The dish has 8 pieces of cottage cheese which is super soft. The dish was served warm and tasted great, one of the dishes which I would recommend you to taste.

Next on the plate was “Persian Cheese Kebab”. It is a Lebanese dish Flavoured with garlic and tahini. It was a bit dry. I like my Kebabs moist and easy to cut through.

Kurkure Makai Sheikh – A Crispy seekh of Corn Flavoured by Indian spices coated with cornflakes. the cornflakes gave a crunchy flavour.

In the main course, I opted for Achari Paneer – Cottage cheese cooked with pickle spices in cashew gravy. I had great expectation from the dish as it was a recommendation but it was not as good as expected.

Non – Vegetarian

It started with soup – Chicken American sweet corn cream soup. It comes in a dome-shaped crockery.  The soup is a bit sweeter than the usual taste.

In starters, I opted “Five Spice Chicken Skewer” Chicken Skewer is marinated with five spices served with Siracha sauce – A hot sauce which blends well and gives a twist to the dish. The chicken is served on a stick.

Next on the plate was served were “Zaffrani Prawns” – The prawns were said to be Jumbo but medium was served to us. The prawns were marinated with saffron and Indian spices cooked in charcoal Oven. The charcoal gives a different taste to the dish. The spices were not cooked properly and were a bit raw.

The Overall experience was decent for both of my visits. If judged solely on food, It would be a great time spent but due to their staff miscommunication and bad coordination, the place didn’t leave a great impression. Due to which they gave Complimentary dessert which was ice cream. 

Ambience wise the place is comfortable and even the manager is sweet but the overall disappointment was from the staff which leads a bad effect on the consumer.

The approximate price from my 1st visit was around 4000 INR for 7 people and for my 2nd visit was around 1800 INR inclusive of all tax.


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