Leh – Ladakh day 1


Morning flight from Delhi to Ladakh around 4 In the morning!!!.. and jet airways servers were down!. 1st day and this got me a turn-off!!..

Even though the flight flew on time we almost missed it due to the bad communication of the jet airways ground staff.

Well, It felt like a movie scene as we had to run to our boarding gate no.41. We got our boarding pass 10 mins before our flight was going to take off. We ran to get checked-in and as always there was a big line which we were let to cut through as we had just 7 mins left. We got our bags through the scanner and ran at full speed on the escalator, Not kidding! It was a long way. Thankfully like it happens in movies the lead never misses anything. Even we reached right on time. Everything turned out good in the end. Hehehe!!!.. That run turned out to be a warm-up session before the trek.

On our way to Leh, we saw something which can’t be described into words. The scenery was fabulous. You just couldn’t take your eyes off. My suggestion is that you keep your camera ready so that you don’t miss a picture of the snow-covered mountains.

11500 ft – Leh airport. Landed at 08:42 AM.

It took us an hour to reach the Leh airport, which is small but easy to spot.

The temperature is a drop down. As I had taken my flight from Delhi so I could feel the change.


When we got out of the airport our tour guide and driver were waiting for us with the name board.

It is pretty hot if you stand in the sun with a cold breeze going around. Please remember “DONT REMOVE YOUR CLOTHES” as it might feel hot for a while but it is too cold. Your body would take 24 – 72 hours to get accustomed to the weather.

On my way to the hotel, I stopped at a local shop to taste some local goods which were –  “Local juice – Apricot juice”.


It took us hardly 10 mins to reach from the airport as it’s just 4km away. It’s located at a high altitude due to which it is cooler than the other region.

The hotel looks amazing, all the infrastructure in Leh is authentic and pretty. So you won’t find any destination that is peculiar.

We reached hotel around 09:10 AM and then got fresh, to have breakfast which was inclusive with the package with Yatra. The service was nice and they extended their breakfast time for us. There were a lot of options but I choose to eat this.


  1. Fruits – watermelon banana muskmelon and papaya
  2. Madala omelet
  3. Milk cornflakes


  1. Hot water from 6-8 morning and evening.
  2. Breakfast timing – 7:30 – 9
  3. Electricity available
  4. Wifi depends on the server from Srinagar.



Shanti Stupa is located at Japanese Buddha Temple established in 1991. You have to walk up and on the right, you will see Meditation room. From there you have to walk up more to reach the Shanti Stupa, which is a beautiful monument and is supposed to be visited in a specific manner that is clockwise. You can see the airport, the Ladakh land, Indus river from the top.

The highlight of the monument is that it looks more beautiful at night illuminating the night light.

 After going through all that, we left from the Shanti stupa to go to our next destination that is the Leh market.


Most of the shops were not opened at that time it opens after 6. The place is bright and filled with people. The market is big but it’s hard to find places to eat.

The 1st stop that we made was to a dry fruits store and bought some. Then took a brief round of the area.

Dry fruits

  1. Blueberry
  2. Garlic


After getting all that, the next stop was to a place which could fill the tummy!!!.

You would get Tibetian, Ladakhi, German food variety.

I had from German bakery it’s a vegetarian restaurant with free Wi-Fi.

  1. Veg Momo’s
  2. Ginger lemon honeypot
  3. Hot chocolate

Which summed up to 250.

The last stop was to the medical store to buy medication. It is necessary to take precaution for high altitude sickness. If you get any of the Symptoms – headache, Nausea, loss of appetite, shortness of breath, dizziness. Even if you face anyone of the Symptoms slightly you should buy this medicine – “diamox”.

You should take it for 2 days.

We had consumed a lot of energy that we needed a charge so we headed for dinner. This is what we had :


  1. Sweet corn soup
  2. Rice
  3. Chicken gravy
  4. Yellow Dal
  5. Panner
  6. Chapati
  7. Kheer topped with dry fruits- desert
  8. Salad – tomato cucumber lemon Mirchi
  9. Papad


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