Leh – ladakh Day 2

Next day we got up pretty early as the sun rises by 4 – 5 AM.

Even though I got up pretty early due to the awesome weather I didn’t feel like getting out of bed! still around 8 I left for breakfast. I had this :

Breakfast :

  1. Poha
  2. Omelette
  3. Hot chocolate
  4. Cornflakes and milk
  5. Toast bread with jam



Sham Valley Ladakh which includes a lot of places such as Alchi, Likir, Basgo, Zanskar and Indus Confluence at Nimmu, Magnetic Hills, Gurudwara Pather Sahib but they all are very close to each other. You could cover all these places in 160 KMs of drive and then be back to Leh in a day.

Let’s look at all these places one by one.

I’ll take you through it, Let’s go!!

Fact: You will find Multani mitti mountain here which is used for face pack. It’s pure, fresh Organic. If you are into face packs this will be best. Don’t forget to take some.



The 1st stop which we made on our 2nd day of the trip.

The museum has been constructed and maintained by the Indian Army in the memory of the soldiers who had lost their lives during the Indo-Pak wars.

The building consists of two floors, on the ground floor, there is information about the brave soldiers and also has a souvenir shop.

On the first floor, there are artefacts of various wars mainly Kargil war, you will find a lot of information about Kargil war in detail such as the weapons used during the war and some important documents.

There is another section dedicated to the Siachen glacier. It is also known as a memorial for the war heroes. The place is very informative.



Then we left for the temple which was opposite the airport.

Kali matta is also known as the “Deity of Death”.

The temple is a Buddhist monastery, you have to walk a few steps but don’t be hasty, Walk slow and don’t run.

 On the way up you will find enchanted wheels on the left. When you go a little higher you will see a very big wheel which is very hard to miss. It is one big enchanted wheel called dhamm chakra.

When you enter inside the temple you will hear enchants from a Buddhist sitting in front of the entrance, where you can make your donations as well. Going further inside the temple, there are a lot of deities preserved behind the glass. After your prayers, you can tie a white cloth, which is said to fullfil all your wishes ! I wouldn’t refuse to do that as I am in front of the deity of death!

View from the top of the temple cropping out the airport area.

If you are interested in their festivals you can always attend this :

The famous Festival is known as “Stok Guru Tsechu mask dance festival” has been celebrated every year during the month of February for two days a week before the Matho Nagrang by the monks of Stok and Spituk monasteries. During the two days of the festival to invoke the spirits of the deities and receive the blessings, two laymen emerge as oracle trained by the monks.

Remember: It is prohibited to take pictures of the runway for the safety of army as the airport is shared.
Timings: In the morning till 11 AM it is used as the domestic airport and after that, the army uses the airport.



Built by lamas.

Next stop was a Gurdwara which is under the Indian army. Gurdwara is a place which can be visited by anyone. When we entered we were directed to a room to keep our shoes and socks. Yeah, even socks!!.

We had to wash our hands ( the water was freezing cold ) and made to walk through water to wash our feet and get clean. Then an army man would hand us holy scarf which is supposed to be worn on your head.

After getting cleaned we went to bow our heads and pay respect to Guru Nanak Dev. We were given halwa on our way out.

Then we were headed to another room where we got hot masala tea and namkeen were provided.

After donation and doing all the ceremony we headed to the magnetic hill.



Law of gravity!! I was very excited for this!!

It’s a giant mountain which was found by the Army. The guide shows a demo of the Magnetic Hill.

Our driver even showed us a demo by switching off his car while the car was being pulled up on the hill by the magnetic hill.

We clicked pictures and took a lot of videos of the magnetic hill and the car being pulled!!.


Tip: You can’t go too close to the hill as it is not permitted.



Our next and last stop was the rafting stop.

It’s a junction of two rivers that is Indus and Zanskar. The view is mind blowing!. Even if you don’t know how to click a picture or you have never held a camera you still will be called a professional, as this view taken in any way will come out o be beautiful.

Fact: Highest point for rafting in the world.

On my way back home I ate at a normal roadside restaurant named A1. It is handled by a family. They have a vegetable and fruit shop and a grocery store inside.


Lunch (1 pm)

  1. Soup – monchow soup
  2. Chilli panner gravy
  3. Fried rice

350 was the approx bill for 3 people.


The day was hectic so we came back to our rooms and rested as the next day we have a long travel journey.

After reaching hotel we sat on the terrace and ate mixed pakkoda and had hot ginger lemon tea their speciality. It is recommended to have this so that your body calms down and you don’t feel sick.


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