Leh – ladakh Day 3

The journey was a long, so We left our hotel at 8:30 AM for Nubra valley.
It’s a beautiful view as I saw different types of mountains on your way – snow covered, dessert type, sand dunes.

Key Note: Carry Water. Before leaving we bought a box of water. Everyday per person we had 3 – 4 litres of the Water. You need to be hydrated at all times.



Khardungla Pass is the highest motorable road in the world. It is at an altitude of 5,359 meters and is 39.7 km from Leh. It is an important gateway to the Nubra and Shyok Valley. The pass is strategically important because of the tense Indo-China relation. Their construction work for the pass began in 1976 and was first opened in 1988.

I reached khardungla pass ( 18832ft) around 11:30 AM. It is recommended that you don’t stay there more than 20 mins due to lack of oxygen at high altitude. There are places to eat and even washroom is available. The washrooms are jammed due to ice and rarely one or two work and there is a lot of rush.

We left in a matter of 15 mins for Nubra Valley and then stopped on our way to take pictures while coming down the pass.

Then had lemon ginger honey tea at A1 restaurant.

Around 2:30 we had Lunch at cho cafe.


  1. Clear soup
  2. Fried rice
  3. Monchow soup
  4. Momos

The bill summed up to 350.


After having lunch we left for our campsite and we noticed the change in weather. There was sandstorm but it got fine after 20 mins. The sandstorms are pretty normal in this area. Further ahead was the location of “Bhaag Milkha Bhaag” movie.


We reached the camp around 3:30 PM and was pleased with the camps. The camp has a outdoor seating, a bedroom big enough for a double bed and an extra bed with a attached bathroom.

Even though we were pleased with these the head informed me that there will be an upgradation in camp next year.
They would include a heater and make the room a little better.


The Facility which Iwase provided were:

  1. Hot water – bucket per person
  2. Electricity at night till 11.
  3. Food – you will get everything
  4. Only BSNL phone coverage available.


The next stop after resting was the camel ride.

I like adventure and different types of ride but the camel which I got were not that great. They tie 4-5 camels together and then take you on the ride. The camels stick and touch each other and even the rider. So check before you ride.

Per person charge is 200 for 15 min ride.

After that we went to culture dance show which was of 100rs per person and they showcase 5 dances continuously from 4:30 PM – 10:00 PM. They wore 5 different attires for each dance form. The dance is showcased by the residential women of the area who work in the morning in banks and around 4 PM they support their culture.

After coming back to our tent I had Maggie. Maggie is the easiest and an essential food to be eaten in a cold place I guess you would agree.

There is always an issue with the electricity, it can go anytime. It’s important to keep all your gadgets charged at all times.

I was back in the camp by 6 PM where we rested in the camp and the kids who stayed in other camps played cricket and ran around. which made us pass a lot of time. The dinner was ready around 8:45 PM. They have a separate room for dining area where everyone accumulated.

I had a one day stay at the Nubra Sarai. The people working there who were running their business were very sweet and calm. Each one of them has a helping nature and are very sharing. After having dinner I headed straight to bed as next day was 7-8Hrs long drive.

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