Leh – ladakh Day 4

Got up around 7 AM and left for Pangong valley” after having breakfast at 8:30 AM.
The route is 7-8 hrs long with a lot of stops on the way.


Before starting the trip, the 1st stop that I made was at monastery – “Diskit and visited the temple inside. A 515 years old structure that is situated on a hilltop giving a panoramic view of the valley. The jaw-dropping size of the Buddha statue that stands tall at the monastery will leave you spellbound.

I noticed that there was a shooting happening of a south Indian movie. This location is a very famous spot for shooting. That’s the reason is a normal view of the localities. On our way down I got my attention caught by some grocery shops, especially fruits. I love berries the most, so bought some fresh cherries.

Recover from what you have just witnessed and amble down the airy roads of the village market of Diskit.


I left from there around 10:30 AM, then stopped at a junction were I ate paratha and Maggie with hot milk tea at Tenzin cafe. It’s a very small restaurant, which can be missed easily. It’s right after the bridge on the right-hand side corner. I would recommend you to eat a bit there as there will not be any restaurant further on the way. You might get but after 3 – 4 hrs.

We clicked quite a few pictures around the bridge. The view is amazing as the bridge is located above a river and from one side you can see a waterfall. It’s a pictorial view.

After having a mid snack we continued the ride which was smooth, as it was a plain area and not much of an uphill.

On the way, we saw a lot of unique animals one of which was a white horse, marmot, horse donkey etc.You would notice different colour of mountains as well, yellow-green brown and white due to snow.

Around 3:30 PM we had lunch that was “Thupka” ( authentic food – boiled noodles in hot soup with some vegetables) It is an authentic dish of this place, and I was so excited to have this from an authentic shop but the noodles were not that nice nor the thupka soup basically the food was not nice at that restaurant so don’t try it out here. It’s easy to spot the restaurant as this is the only shop in the middle of the dessert.


The awe-inspiring Pangong Lake, the highest salt water Lake in the World, shared by India & China. The sheer beauty will remain etched in your minds forever. Soak in all the majesty that surrounds you on the banks of Pangong Lake while appreciating the changing colours and fascinating high altitude of the lake.

The weather here is unpredictable, so you should always be ready for the change in weather. I even saw a little bit of snowfall as I came close to the lake.

Our guide is an amazing rider he made us go through a lot of different experiences. If you are interested to go there, you can always get in contact with him. He is a great guide and is local, so he can guide you very well about where to stay which fits your budget.

Then my next location, where we took a halt was the place where Kareena Kapoor Khan road the scooty in 3 idiots. Before reaching there we went through a dessert type of land. On that location, you can click photos on scooty and see the pangong lake. The breeze is very cold so you should wear something hot to keep you warm.

We even saw seagulls there.

Our camp was 8kms from this location. It located a little far away from the crowded area. Therefore you get a better view. The camp is full and has a lot of people here but is not overcrowded. It is not isolated.


The camp name is Pangong saray.

The camp is newly Installed and has a good facility.


  1. Heater
  2. Hot water in the morning and they will provide you hot water in the bucket at all times.
  3. There is attached bathroom.

I personally liked the camp area and the tent. It’s neither that great nor that bad. As soon as we reached the tent we ordered tea and then rested. We were informed that the weather is not that great so it’s advisable not to go out much. So we sat in the tent and enjoyed the view from inside.

Around 7:30 PM we came to the eating area as it’s warm and tv works here. You can even get your own movies etc on a pen drive to watch here.Tv works fine here so you won’t miss your episode, don’t worry!!.You won’t find coverage for calling.We had dinner at 8 and came back to our camp.

The next day is filled with a lot of adventure, as we would be travelling on a “Road which is less travelled”.


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