The Bhookha Beirdo is a travellers guide to food. The restaurant opened for all the travel foodies. The theme was thought by a travel foodie, Mr Anurag. He has invented a total menu keeping in mind the exotic food he has had during his travel journeys.

The place is fascinating from the inside but you might find a difficulty to spot the restaurant at first. It’s located off pali hill, Bandra west on the right side opposite a building with a holding just be a little attentive! You shouldn’t miss this amazing place.

The restaurant has a lot of antiques, I got my eyes caught at the antique camera! its so magical that it makes you love it more. I think I have a soft corner for them. They look so classy and to be noted the antiques are not a dummy at all.The restaurant is small but comfortable and cosy, you get adjusted to the atmosphere after a while.

If confused about what to order you could always ask or just tell them what you have in mind. The kind or gravy you desire with what that is chicken, pork, fish etc. Don’t be upset at all if you cant find your desired dish as they are an open kitchen as in the chef is outstanding and will make the dish you want. The love to experiment and are home like so don’t stress for food at all. everything that comes out of the kitchen is great!The specialities and eye candy of this restaurant are – Bloody Mary burger, Death by Pork,  Veg / Chicken Thupka, Assorted Pasta Bar, Homebrewed Ice Tea etc..




Strips of paneer sauteed in three pepper Mexican sauces garnished with lettuce on the side. The quantity is good enough for two people. The sauce is a bit tangy with too many vegetables. If you are spicy eater then inform the staff before giving the order, make it according to your taste buds.


Barbecued chicken popsicles in peanut sauce served with salad. The chicken is perfectly cooked, soft and tender. A little oily but its tasty so you might not notice. Its decent taste wise.


They have a totally different section for pasta, Its called ” The Pasta Bar ” – you can make your own pasta. I had fusilli pasta in the cheese sauce that is the white creamy sauce with mushrooms and broccoli. You can add toppings in non – veg as well. This turned out to my favourite main dish at this place. Its a must try. The pasta is so creamy and smooth to your taste buds that you would go head over heels for it.


It is a combination of mousse and cookie crumble at the bottom. The visuals are very appealing and your taste buds run wild when you have your 1st bite. If you are not much of a sweet tooth you still will love it as it’s not that sweet. Its perfect blend of chocolate cocoa and cookie. This has become one of my favourite desserts in Mumbai. Send it over anytime to get me happy!



They make fresh juice so be carefree while ordering for a juice. I tried garciania indica cordial is a kokam flavoured juice with a bit of soda.


This is so pretty and healthy for obvious reasons. In a jar with whipped cream and sugar balls.  it looks so cute and gets you in a happy mood just by looking at it.


The staff is less as its a small restaurant but the manager and owner have an amazing partnership. They handle everything perfectly. If you don’t like something or have an issue they are always there to solve it rather than make excuses or avoid like other restaurants.

Discounts : –
Men on the length of your beard max is 15%
Girls on based on hair length 15% max  (Wednesdays only)
They change their special menu every week and it never gets boring. you can always try them.
famous for Pork dishes
Travel food
Authentic food


  1. FOOD:- 4/5
  2. AMBIENCE:- 2.5/5
  3. SERVICE:- 3.5/5

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