A small restaurant known for tikkas’ as the name suggests. They have an amazing goth menu which cant be missed. Please request them beforehand for this particular themed dish.

Its located near PVR cinemas in between lined restaurants. It has an outdoor and an indoor seating. The best part is the place is not overcrowded they know how to handle their customer.

They even have ticca tikka meal box, it’s priced at 180 INR. Inclusive of chicken tikka, roti, rice and a dessert. The pricing is great for the food that it offers.


The Goth Menu
You need to ask this on request as it’s not available anymore.
The Goth Chicken Tikka

The aroma is amazing. The dish looks great visually. The front, the texture of the food and even the seasoning were great. The chicken is cooked in coal due to which it gets the black gothic colour. It’s healthy and not harmful therefore be free to eat without any tension.

The chicken is super tender and cuts right through with the knife.

The Goth Paneer Tikka

This dish is a must try. The paneer is soft that it melts right in your mouth. I would recommend you to try this dish.

The Goth Buttermilk

To top it up they have a goth buttermilk. It tastes the same just black in colour.


The service is something they need to work on. They aren’t that friendly. The service is slow and a bit harsh.

Reminder – If you have a promo code, discount etc anything please let them know in advance. Call them and talk to them clearly. As they don’t consider the offer valid and say that it has been expired.


  1. FOOD:- 3/5
  2. AMBIENCE:- 2/5
  3. SERVICE:- 1.5/5

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