Sometimes you just wanna go out to have a chat with your friend and don’t wanna eat much but want to have something delicious and fulfilling. I have shortlisted some of the dishes from my 2017 food blog, so check it out and try these small plates if you haven’t!


This place is my all time favourite, they got recognition from a pastry named – The Rainbow Cake”. That got them very famous but for me, the attraction was their Chicken Quiche from the baked section – Which has chicken with cheese and mayonnaise baked. It is yummilicious and a must try. Go over to the restaurant before 5 PM as it gets over by that time.


They offer additions to this dish like chicken and bacon which makes it even more fulfilling consisting of three Eggs with bread, coriander, chilli, onion, and tomatoes. The omelette is delicious and moreover visually very appealing. It is very soft, easy to cut through and the sunny side up placed on top oozes down as you cut through it. Though it looks small it is actually quite heavy and fulfilling.


Have you ever encountered a drink topped with food? I guess not! the name of this drink with mini dishes on the stick is Redhead Sangria. You have the option to customize your drink into a Mocktail for the non-alcoholics. I went with the recommendation provided by the manager that is Orange and sweet lime mix with a backed jalapeno popper which is super crisp and filled with cheese, fire cottage cheese cracker, a mini burger with Mexican beans patty – its super healthy which I could taste in the first bite but it looked so cute and even empanada – a crisp outing with a surprise stuffing served on a stick.


I miss this dish already. When the dish arrived it was on fire, in literal terms the dish was smoking hot as it is a tandoori dish. The Indian spices marinated the chicken in perfection. The plating of the dish is magnificent, the dome-shaped plating made the dish look king like in the copper cast. The chicken is piled on two sticks with 4 – 5 pieces of chicken on each stick which is enough for 2 – 3 people. At the bottom, there were pieces of coal which would please the customer as they could grill it to their preference and taste. The chicken is warm, soft and tender. It’s very easy to cut through.

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