High risk of 1441 PIZZERIA’s kitchen being on Fire but it didn’t.

Located in the oldest part of Mumbai, fort. This place has become my go to. By far this is my favourite place to eat pizza. I am eager to visit this outlet especially the fort as soon as possible. Can someone please take me here or just book an uber! A car service will do too. 😛 hehe..

The place is located on the main road and it is not hard to locate at all. The ambience is normal nothing extraordinary but simply beautiful. The staff is super caring and unbelievably cool, as we entered they explained about their restaurant and their theme which is “make your own pizza”.

They made us go through the whole process of how to make their pizza. Well, there was an offer going on not sure if it’s still on.
The offer was –
1. If you buy a gourmet pizza you get Margherita free
2. If you buy a classic then you get dough ball free.

For obvious reasons, we went for the gourmet pizza come on unlimited toppings. what else do you want?

From seeing how they make the dough to the process of putting their sauce, unlimited toppings and pushing it in the wooden oven we went through it all. Believe me, it is worth it. Coming to our pizza, it had 6 types of cheese and in vegetables, we opted for mushrooms and corns with loads of chicken.

It was time for our 2nd pizza and this time they asked us inside the kitchen and made us wear the gloves and got the hair all under the kitchen cap. We were all prepped up for making the pizza by our self. This by far was the most amazing experience. Would love to go again and again here. Especially this outlet.

The table was set for us to have our cooked pizza. The pizza is great especially the crust is so thin and not too moist but a bit crisp. The toppings are so many but still, you can get the taste of each separately.

The only thing which was missing is a certificate for becoming a pro at making pizza at 1441 pizzeria!


  1. FOOD:- 5/5
  2. AMBIENCE:- 3/5

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