Lets greet SOUL CURRY with a happy soul!

A new restaurant in Powai. It has opened where maple was located. Yes! I know a lot of us never even though of visiting a shady place but ordered in as it was close by. Keeping that thought aside the new place has opened by the name – ” Soul curry “.

The place is far better than the previous one. The ambience is on the modern end and the staff is not at all ignorant.

Coming on to food:

The menu is vast and has a lot of options from continental, Asian, Indian, Indian Chinese, Italian etc.

Mushroom Frioasse:

It’s their house special but didnt like it much. Its a backed bread stuffed with chesse and mushroom. It could have been better didnt like it much.

Pepper wine chicken :

Chicken finger marinated with black peppercorn and red wine. Due to the wine, the dish became a bit bitter. Maybe they put it a little too much not sure or I just didn’t go with my taste bud, as it is I don’t prefer the alcohol taste.

Soulful chicken lollipop 65

Fried chicken lollipop tossed in In do chinni sauce basically chicken lollipop with a twist and well the twist is great. It is fried in the chini sauce but don’t keep the lollipop waiting as it will get soggy. The dish is great but a bit on the spicy end.


Spaghetti in white sauce with mushroom, corn, and chicken. Served with 2 portions of garlic bread. I loved the spagatti, its super cheesy and goozy. The portion is small but it tastes great.

Chicken Fried Rice

Fried rice in indo Chinni style. I was nothing that extraordinary but a great dish.

Soulful Cheesecake

This was the best dish, the dessert was so yum that I still can’t get over it. The cheesecake is a must try and I mean it.


  1. FOOD:- 4/5
  2. AMBIENCE:- 3.5/5

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