When breakfast becomes the favorite meal of the day thanks to JAMJAR

The Jamjar diner opens your gates to the best breakfast around 9 AM. The ambience looks like the place is stuck in the time of an earthquake. It looks awesome. We reached around 10:30 AM assuming the place is shut as there was no guard at the door but as we pushed in the restaurant the myth had been proven wrong. The place had quite a few people in the morning which were unexpected. Didn’t know people got up so early!

We were escorted to our table. There are 3 areas where you could settle down one as you enter near the bar counter, 2nd upstairs and 3rd outdoor on the 1st floor. We opted for the 2nd area indoor seating on the 1st floor. The interior is great especially the glass on the roof through which everything looks sun-kissed beautiful.

Coming on the food –
As we were set for breakfast menu we ordered for The full monty and quinoa burrito bowl from the breakfast menu and Chimichurri grilled chicken from their grill menu.

The full monty

Its a proper English breakfast with 2 eggs your way that is scrambled, poached, omelette or sunny side up. On the sides – bacon, 2 chicken sausages with backed soya beans and grilled mushrooms and capcicum. 2 slice of toasted bread slice with jam and butter.

Quinoa burrito bowl

A fulfilling if you are a person who is heavy morning eater, then this is made for you. Its a super healthy and heavy for just one person. The bowl consist of pico de gallo as a base of the dish with eggs, sour cream to top it up they have kidney bean paste and grilled chicken ( which is an add-on)

Chimichurri Grilled chicken

This is for chicken lovers. chicken is tossed in 4 herbal paste and then grilled and cut into pieces. The dish is garnished with green herbal sauce. Mashed potato with salt and glazed vegetables that is mushroom, capsicum etc.

Service – The staff is chill and responsive, the food and ambience took away all the attention so could judge them much.


  1. FOOD:- 4.5/5
  2. AMBIENCE:- 4.5/5


  1. Seems to be a good place for breakfast. Will definitely go over there and would try the breakfast menu. Thank you

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