An ice-cream experience with @coppettoartisangelato. They have an awesome infusion of different types of summer beaters this may. They have infused from gelatos to sorbets with a unique twist or speciality to each one of them. They have 10 main flavours which are available the whole year and two flavours depending on the seasons keep changing.

The ambience is adorable with grassy wall with the coppetto logo on it. The 3 jars on the conner of the table with led lights gives the place a bit of Christmas feeling. Seating is quite limited but enough to finish your cone and move along.

Coming on the Ice creams, gelatos and sorbets. We started with tasting all the ice creams and came to the conclusion to Raspberry and mango in sorbets, salted caramel and hazelnut in Gelato.

Mango Sorbet tasted like an actual freezed mango pulp. The sorbet just melts in your mouth like mango pulp melting on the tip of the tongue. Its not like the normal mango ice creams you have in the next door parlour. go try it out you will know what I am talking.

Raspberry is a bit sour on the other hand. It has a bit of a sweet and sour side of its, some of you might really like the flipping taste of this particular flavour. its a bit of candy but then its goes raw all of sudden.

Salted Caramel and hazelnut are their speciality we tried them in a cup. One of the qualities of this ice cream parlour is that you could mix 2 flavours in one scoop of ice cream.

I loved this experience and their way of presenting their ice cream with innovation. This summer roll to the Bandra outlet to get your favourite scoop of ice-cream.

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